Tuesday October 27th marked an enormous triumph for eMarketer, as their very first eMarketer Attention conference was a smashing success, housing 250 eager, engaged attendees at The TimesCenter in NYC. 

The information-packed day featured speakers from a variety of backgrounds, brought together to discuss the multi-faceted subject of "attention" -- and how we as humans collectively respond to various marketing efforts.

Over 30 speakers presented at eMarketer Attention! 2015. The conference dove deep into the inner-workings of the human brain with Patrick Renvoise, Co-Founder of SalesBrain. Attendees also got a glimpse into the future as we know it: Virtual Reality, with Chief Content Officer, Nancy Bennett, of Two Bit Circus.


Some areas that presenters touched on ranged from a deeper knowledge of video platforms, where Vine star Robby Ayala spoke with eMarketer Sr. Analyst, Paul Verna, and Rob Fishman of twitter’s Niche, discussing Instagram, Vine, and short-form creativity. Attendees also got a look at the attention-drivers for the most elusive (and dare we say, controversial?) marketing demographic, the Millennials.

Speaking of Millennials, eMarketer addressed the question facing many modern marketers, is shorter really better? Featuring Debra Williamson, Principal Analyst, eMarketer, Daina Middleton, Head of Global Business Marketing, Twitter, Christine Cook, Head of Advertising Partnerships, Flipboard, Ian Schafer, Founder and Chairman, Deep Focus, and Ljubica Chatman, PhD, Senior Researcher, Morton Deutch ICCCR.

Capping off the discussions, we had Doug Ziewacz, Head of North America Media & Advertising, Under Armour Connected Fitness, and Jeff Malmad, Head of Mobile & Life+, Mindshare chat about Wearables. They dished about whether there's even a place for marketing with a device as intimate as a heart rate monitor ... (Hint: There just may be). 


Last but not least, the master of grabbing consumer attention, Jim Bankoff, Chairman & CEO, Vox Media ended the conference with his Keynote: Capture, Keep, Monetize: Vox Media’s Formula for Success. Bankoff is the force behind eight very successful media brands on the web including: SB Nation, The Verge, Polygon, Vox.com, Curbed, Eater, Racked, and Re/Code.


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Check out some of the other fabulous shots of the eMarketer event below (including a cameo of our founder, Tameka Kee)!